Nordic Montage steel construction metal assembly



We're more than just a steel construction company

Nordic Montage Group, as we say NMG, is a steel construction company so far mainly doing metal assembly of various steel constructions for industrial/ civil engineering sector.

Today, however, we provide more and more full-cycle services for our projects starting with engineering/ design, workshop drawings for production, production, delivery of products on site and finally installation.

As well in year 2020 we have expanded our activities to concrete works and successfully are doing concrete casting projects.

Nordic Montage services steel construction metal assembly

Our Services

Nordic Montage steel construction metal assembly

Metal Assembly services

We have 4 our own qualified assembly teams, which we can adjust according project needs.

Nordic Montage steel construction metal assembly

Manufacturing and delivery

We have chosen several reliable cooperation partners for manufacturing of each type of products we deliver with our expertise through thorough assessment.

Nordic Montage engineering design steel construction

Engineering/ design services

Our engineering and design services include static and other load-bearing calculations, 3D modelling with BIM compatible software, workshop drawings for production, assembly/site drawings.

Message us and let's work together

NMG course of action is based on commitment to deliver high quality service and building strong relationships with our partners and customers which last.

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